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I have had the wonderful opportunity to edit videos for multiple festivals hosted by Inc. and Fast Company. For Fast Company's Innovation Festival, I edited multiple interviews that were conducted virtually with business leaders, such as Idris Elba. Recently, I worked with Inc. again to edit a series of videos for Inc. Founders House at  SXSW.

My position at Notice Pictures has me wearing a lot of different hats depending on the project. These videos for the Great American Main Street Awards are among my favorite projects that I've worked on. Along with my usual roles in production coordinating and assisting on set, I put together paper edits and assisted in interviewing the town experts.

In 2020, I directed and edited a short documentary as part of my capstone project at SUNY New Paltz. Despite having just a few weeks, and the challenges that Covid brought, we created this project for the Hudson Valley Biker network.

 The Arc Westchester is an incredible organization that supports people with developmental disabilities throughout their lifetime. I had a lead editing role in this memorial video for an important figure the The Arc Westchester's history. 

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